Nebraska football needs to follow Oklahoma’s example. It’s time for Mark Stoops.

The ‘N’ on the side of the helmet stands for ‘Nobodies.’ To anyone under 30, Nebraska football is your balding uncle with the beer belly and the oversized truck who’s told you the same stories about his glory days since 1998. If I’m Cornhuskers athletic director Trev Alberts, I dare Kentucky coach Mark Stoops to … Read more

BenFred: Mizzou football’s new goal is making the mess at Kansas State its rock-bottom | Ben Frederickson

A time-honored college football truth can offer the Missouri program and its supporters some solace during this turbulent time. If you think you are down, just look around. Chances are you can find a team in a tougher spot. Yes, the Tigers crawled back home with their tails tucked after the Wildcats clawed them in … Read more

McKewon: How Nebraska football starts to clean up Frost-made mess | College

SEARCHING FOR THE MEDIA ENTRANCE TO AVIVA STADIUM IN DUBLIN – You could walk everywhere in Dublin, not feel like you were getting anywhere, and run into Husker fans most steps of the way. Before Nebraska’s loss to Northwestern, I chatted up some VIPs outside the stadium. Donors Decision makers. One of them jokingly asked … Read more

Tad Stryker: Statesboro Blues – All Huskers

The mood of the crowd as it filed out of Memorial Stadium and made its way home late Saturday night was strangely familiar, and completely out of place. As someone who’s covered hundreds of high school games in outstate Nebraska, I recognize the lighthearted-conversational feeling of folks who know not to take their football team … Read more