Yankees’ playoff hopes hinge on answering bullpen questions

Yankees’ playoff hopes hinge on answering bullpen questions

An Aaron and a No. 99 homers Friday night. Neither was hit by Aaron Judge (it was Hicks and Boston’s Alex Verdugo). The Yankees and Red Sox combined for five homers Saturday. None were hit by Judge. Not easy as Judge has made hitting a homer look in 2022, it actually is not easy. “A … Read more

Aaron Judge restoring romance to baseball lost during steroid era

Aaron Judge restoring romance to baseball lost during steroid era

The record is 73. One can call it tainted or inauthentic, but Barry Bonds indisputably set the major league record for home runs in a season by smacking the cartoonish total of 73 in 2001. But it has become equally irrefutable over this last week that Aaron Judge’s chase of Babe Ruth and Roger Maris … Read more

Yankees’ Aaron Judge reminds everyone how difficult history is

Yankees’ Aaron Judge reminds everyone how difficult history is

Aaron Judge can finally feel something of a kinship with Roger Maris. He has reached the point in this historic home-run derby at which he is likely feeling five percent, 10 percent, maybe 15 percent of the pressure Maris felt when he hunted down Babe Ruth in 1961. Hitting is hard. Hitting home runs is … Read more

Roger Maris dished true feelings to The Post after breaking the record

The deed was done, the Bambino caught, the pressure off. A Brooklyn kid named Sal Durante had delivered the precious baseball to Roger Maris right after the game in which Maris’ 61st home run had given the Yankees a season-closing 1-0 win over the Red Sox and Maris a passing lane to usurp Babe Ruth … Read more

American League MVP award debate continues

Both Shohei Ohtani and Aaron Judge have claims to the American League MVP awardIllustration: Getty Images The American League MVP race is a two-horse race between the Yankees’ Aaron Judge and the Angels’ Shohei Ohtani. Depending on who you ask, the award could go to either person. However, the adamancy of Ohtani fans is far … Read more

Aaron Judge could see fewer pitches to hit come playoffs

Aaron Judge has elevated his standard that the qualifier “only” now goes in front of only pulverizing a couple of doubles more than 100 mph. He has made the game look so remarkably simple, especially recently, that “only” — that word again — elevating his chances to win the Triple Crown feels like a half … Read more

Ex-Yankees scout Tim McIntosh was wrong about Aaron Judge

Tim McIntosh had been a teammate of Derek Jeter’s and a roommate of Mariano Rivera’s, so he had a deep understanding of what greatness looked like when, as a Yankees scout, he first saw Aaron Judge play high school ball. And this is what McIntosh came away thinking of the mountainous slugger from tiny Linden, … Read more

Ballhawk Zack Hample missing Aaron Judge’s chance at history

As some of MLB’s most valuable and sought-after balls get launched into the stands, something — or someone — notable is missing. Aaron Judge, who hit his 60th home run Tuesday night to tie Babe Ruth’s single-season high, is on the precipice of tying and breaking Roger Maris’ American League – and untainted by steroids … Read more

Aaron Judge following Derek Jeter’s blueprint to greatness

Derek Jeter and Aaron Judge are not linked by homers. Their connection is one of attitude. Jeter thrived in the Yankee cauldron and big moments because he had the mindset to avoid the personal, believing glory would find him if he fixated on winning and excelling as a teammate. Stars as talented as Randy Johnson … Read more

Giants, Jets need to show staying power beyond the MLB season

If you play professional baseball in New York City for a living, you might look at your football counterparts and shake your head. The Giants and Jets all but caused a ticker-tape parade to break out by going a combined 3-1 in their first two weeks. The Yankees and Mets? If they don’t win the … Read more