Minecraft’s Latest Update Is A Beast, Here Are The Patch Notes

Gameplay and performance fixes a-plenty by Ollie Reynolds 53 minutes ago Image: Mojang The latest Bedrock Minecraft update has arrived and it’s a big one, folks. Version 1.19.30 brings with it a heap of gameplay updates, bug fixes, and technical improvements, making your mine-crafting a more enjoyable experience than ever before (hopefully). There’s a lot … Read more

5 best realistic texture packs for Minecraft 1.19 in 2022

Minecraft’s visual design and aesthetics might be the most iconic in all of gaming. The game’s indie roots are clear to see through its pixelated textures and blocky generated worlds. However, this simplistic design, as great as it is, has a downside: it can become quite stale over hundreds of hours of gameplay. The Minecraft … Read more