American League MVP award debate continues

Both Shohei Ohtani and Aaron Judge have claims to the American League MVP awardIllustration: Getty Images The American League MVP race is a two-horse race between the Yankees’ Aaron Judge and the Angels’ Shohei Ohtani. Depending on who you ask, the award could go to either person. However, the adamancy of Ohtani fans is far … Read more

Outfielder Juan Soto is struggling massively after being traded to the Padres

Could Juan Soto’s two-hit, 3 RBI game be the start of a turnaround?Image: Getty Images All of sunny San Diego rejoiced on Aug. 2 when the Washington Nationals sent their 23-year-old superstar Juan Soto to the Padres. A month and a half later, Padres fans are showing their receipts to the Nats, asking for take-backsies. … Read more