What Do You Think Of The Harvestella Demo?

Subscribe to Nintendo Life on YouTube Ahead of its November 4th release date, Square Enix’s take on the farming game genre, Harvestella, recently received a demo on Switch, so you can try before you buy. The save will transfer over to the full game, if you decide it’s worth the £50 / $60. As part … Read more

‘Penko Park’ Combines Pokémon Snap’s Cuteness With Majora’s Mask Creepiness

Image: Ghostbutter Do you love Pokémon Snap, but hate waiting 20 years for new installments? Do you wish that Pokémon would lean way more into its darker side, like all the ghost Pokémon that steal children? Do you enjoy Take a good look at Penko Park, an upcoming Switch game that draws its inspiration from … Read more

Sadock John, from robbing houses to a football World Cup | Football

Sadock John grew up on the streets of Tanzania, playing football and being part of various gangs that would break into houses. He says his father was a very rich guy, but life changed when he left the family. Here, John shares his journey from the streets of Tanzania to representing the country at the … Read more

What Do You Want To See At Today’s Nintendo Direct Showcase?

Subscribe to Nintendo Life on YouTube Update [Tue 13th Sep, 2022 12:15 BST]: The day is upon us and we are buckling up for what is sure to be 40 minutes of top-notch announcement content. Alongside the writers below, our wonderful video production team have now also given their thoughts on what to expect from … Read more

The impact of India’s growing sports tourism market on football | Football

Of the 1.8 million Qatar World Cup 2022 tickets sold across the first two phases, more than 23,500 were bought by fans in India. After the first phase of ticketing, India was ranked seventh in ticket sales. At Russia 2018, almost 18,000 fans from India were in attendance. Across all non-competing countries, India had the … Read more

Spencer Rattler has a fresh start with South Carolina football

There’s a play Spencer Rattler’s private quarterbacks coach Mike Giovando says he’s watched a million times. It’s from the 2021 Red River Showdown, one of the last passes Rattler threw as the starter at Oklahoma. It should have been a simple completion three plays after a chunk gain on a flea-flicker had put OU into … Read more

Best Pokémon-Likes On Nintendo Switch – Games To Play After You’ve Finished Pokémon

When they said “Pokémon! Gotta catch ’em all”, we all assumed that they meant catching all the pocket monsters. But actually, what they were talking about was catching all the Pokémon and Pokémon-like games out there — of which there are many. And now, at last, we have caught them all, and wrangled them into … Read more

Soapbox: Splatoon 3’s Midnight Launch Felt A Bit Different

Image: Nintendo Life / James Mielke Ah, the venerable midnight launch. The once-expected tradition of camping out for midnight game launches — so timed as to technically adhere to official game street dates while still capitalizing on gamer obsessions and enthusiasm — is, at least in New York City, on the verge of extinction thanks … Read more