At 20 Years Old, Kingdom Hearts is a Crossover of A Bygone Age

Image: Square Enix/Disney These days, crossovers between IPs are all the rage, and it is admittedly a mixed bag. As thrilling as it can often be to see three different eras of Spider-Men hang out with each other or watch Master Chief rides the Iron Giant into a battlefield, that kind of shine does have … Read more

Dreamlight Valley Isn’t Just A Disney Animal Crossing Knock-Off

Screenshot: Gameloft / Disney It’s almost surprising that it took this long for a game like this Disney’s Dreamlight Valley to finally be made. The new game, out now in Early Access, combines the life-sim gameplay of Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley except with a deadly combination of famous Disney characters, films, and worlds. The … Read more

This Twitch Streamer Is The First Person To Beat Every N64 Game

Screenshot: Acegamersam Samuel “Acegamersam” Girard owns a lot of video games. The 32-year-old Québécois has a vast library of classic console titles, including complete collections of North American Dreamcast and N64 games. Five years ago, with a fledgling Twitch channelGirard began streaming the Nintendo titles to a tiny audience. That audience quickly began to grow … Read more